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Why Rocky Point Air Ambulance is Superior

The Air Ambulance shown above arrived in Puerto Peñasco over 1 hour after it was called it was to Peñasco. It then spent over 1.5 hours on the ground and then would have taken most of an hour to return to Phoenix. An Ambulance on the ground could have made that trip in the same time at a fraction of the $12,000 dollars they charged. On the other hand Rocky Point Airlines could have left the Peñasco airport immediately after the ground ambulance arrived at the airport and transported the patient to Phoenix within the same hour. This would be in less than one third the time at one third the price. After all speed is the essence and we have the same medical equipment and a doctor on Board. This makes Rocky Point Airlines by far the best choice. Or staff has a record of patient delivery to the receiving airport in less than one hour in more than 18 flights.

We have enough working room for the medical staff

We always have a doctor that travels with the airplane so the finest of care continues.

Monitoring equipment allows the doctor to have the best information.

Additional portable equipment allows for continuous monitoring on the stretcher.


We are incorporating some of the finest equipment for intensive care in the air.


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